Akira Kosemura – You (Official Music Video)
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Akira Kosemura – You (Official Music Video)

Akira Kosemura – Our Own Picture EP

01. You
02. Out of the Solitary Mind
03. Joy (solo piano)

Released on 6th June 2016, five years after his previous album, a new album “MOMENTARY: Memories of the Beginning” featuring Nagi Yanagi and Devendra Banhart has attracted many music listeners as one can swim freely across the ocean of pops composed by Akira. After three months later, on 9th September, he have released another album “One Day”, a recording of him playing an old piano improvisationally at his parent’s home has amazed many fans.
“Our Own Picture”, is the first release from the label for the year 2017, includes few tracks composed with his feeling about this few years’ changing environment. “You” is a song dedicated for his new born boy and his wife, “Out of the Solitary Mind” is a reflection of the changes in his feeling from his solitary time to his time sharing with a family, and a solo piano version of “Joy” which was originally release in 2013, will end this album with the melody of happiness. It’s a collection of heartwarming piano sketches.



You [Music Video]
Film : Kimihiko Nitta
Flower : Megumi Shinozaki (edenworks)
Model : Musubi Shizuno