Quentin Sirjacq – COMPANION
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Quentin Sirjacq – COMPANION


Compact Disc (CD)

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« Companion » is the 4th solo album from Quentin Sirjacq in collaboration with Japanese label Schole. It follows « Far islands and Near Places » released in 2016, where appeared guests instruments like marimbas, vibraphone, glockenspiel and synthesizers along with the piano.

In this new set of songs the melodic touch and the delicate harmonies from the piano still radiate in parts but the way orchestrations and musical structures are transforming themselves during the songs is a bright new element in Sirjacq’s music.
Every track is a sort of journey starting in one place and finishing in another, slowly moving and unfolding through a mix of influences layering one another.
Gamelan, African polyrhythm, neo-classical, free jazz, electronic music or film music all collide here.

Constructed on many varied layers of musical thinking and techniques, this album is yet very unique, accessible and beautiful.

For this new work Sirjacq has called some of the finest musicians of the french scene such as Julien Loutelier, Vincent Taurelle, Arnaud Lassus and Steve Argüelles.



Since the release of the first album “La Chambre Claire” in 2010, Quentin Sirjacq has regularly toured Japan as solo pianist, and has made two other solo albums (Piano Memories and Far Islands & Near Places). In addition, he works energetically as a composer for Theater plays, dance choreographies, radio plays and most notably for films.

In Sirjacq’s music, the emotional touch of the piano, merged with the elements of French Impressionism and its classical roots, combines wonderfully with elements influenced by contemporary music, American minimalism, jazz and electronic music. .

For several years he has been a traveling companion and regular collaborator of Chris Hooson (Dakota Suite), he also played with Meredith Monk, Fred Frith, Shazad Ismaily, William Winant ….

1 Variations

2 Carol

3 Dance

4 Will you be there

5 Organum

6 Companion

7 Harmonium

8 Choral

Quentin Sirjacq – piano, synthesizers, harmonium (track 7), fender rhodes (track 3)

Julien Loutelier – drums (tracks 2-3-7-8), drum machine (track 1)

Arnaud Lassus – marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel (tracks 1-2-3-5-6)

Steve Argüelles – drums (track 8), conga (track 1)

Vincent Taurelle – additional synthesizers (tracks 1-2-7)

Special guest Abel Sirjacq – whistling (track 6)


All music composed by Quentin Sirjacq

Recorded by Steve Arguelles at Plushspace and by Vincent Taurelle at studio La Marquise

Mixed & Produced by Hiroshi Iguchi, Vincent Taurelle and Quentin Sirjacq

Mastered by Hiroshi Iguchi

A&R – Akira Kosemura

Artwork, Design and Art direction – Shin Kikuchi

Sales promotion – Kazumitsu Yoshida, Romain Meril and Matthieu Burel

Production management – SCHOLE INC.


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    Sirjacq’s breathtaking new album arrives today — a harmonic blend of gamelan, african polyrhythm, neo-classical, free jazz, electronic & film music.

    Full Review of this masterpiece: https://ambianceglitters.com/2019/02/22/quentin-sirjacq-companion-2019-schole-records-sch057/?fbclid=IwAR1VA4jqXRodrAbgQNA3Klm9xdPhAwpbEUht44YgwCxzio06QRCxDnVZ2UY

  8. schole

    Quentin Sirjacq ne déçoit jamais et ce “Companion” mélodique et expérimental sorti chez Schole Records n’est pas loin de constituer le sommet de la brillante discographie de l’aventureux pianiste.

  9. schole

    France’s Quentin Sirjacq provides the delicate yet defining thread that stitches the seemingly disparate, inventively arranged electronic, jazz, classical, cinematic & even Afro patches into a warm and welcoming listen for Japan’s Schole Records.
    -The Slow Music Movement

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    intoxicate vol.139 (2019.4.20 発行)
    (タワーレコード新宿店 池田敏弘)

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