Akira KosemuraDiary 2016-2019
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Akira Kosemura
Diary 2016-2019


Compact Disc (CD)

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October 25th release!!

01. Main Theme – From “Konatsu and Hiyori”
02. Distance Between – From “Konatsu and Hiyori”
03. Two Of Us – From “Konatsu and Hiyori”
04. Things Change – From “Konatsu and Hiyori”
05. I’m (Not) Here – From “Konatsu and Hiyori”
06. But You’re Mad – From “Mais vous êtes fous”
07. Minerva
08. In Moonlight, Op.1
09. In Moonlight, Op.2
10. Trace
11. A Song From The Past
12. Someday Reworked 2017 feat. Devendra Banhart
13. Joy (2017 Alt Version)
14. You
15. Out Of The Solitary Mind
16. Red Diary
17. Late Night Tales

tr01-05 From The Short Film “小夏日和 (Konatsu and Hiyori)”
Kansai Television Co. Ltd.


tr06 From The French Movie “Mais vous êtes fous (Losing It)”


music composed, arranged & performed by Akira Kosemura
produced by Akira Kosemura


violins, viola: Atsuki Yoshida (tr01-03, tr05, tr07)
cello: Yumi Shimazu (tr01-03, tr05)
clarinets: Keiko Shinozuka (tr01, tr03, tr05, tr07)
programming: Dom Mino’ (tr11)
vocal: Devendra Banhart (tr12)
piano, fender rhodes, synthesizer & programming: Akira Kosemura


recording engineer: Akira Kosemura, Shunroku Hitani & Keigo Sonoda
mixing engineer: Shunroku Hitani at 54it Tokyo (tr01-10, tr16-17), Akira Kosemura at Schole Tokyo (tr11-12, tr14-15), Keigo Sonoda at Pastoral Sound Tokyo (tr13)
mastering engineer: George Mastrokostas
art direction & design: Shin Kikuchi
production management: Schole Inc.


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    nice review in French (Indie Rock Mag):

  2. schole

    the interview of Akira Kosemura on Amnplify (Australia):

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