Akira Kosemura – Tiny Musical (remaster 2015)
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Akira Kosemura – Tiny Musical (remaster 2015)


Compact Disc (CD) + ‘Light Dance’ Official Piano Score.

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Akira Kosemura’s second solo album “Tiny Musical” (originally released in 2008), will be reissued as a digital re-master edition.
In this special edition release, it includes the original score of the famous song “Light Dance” as many fans were longing for this after the release of original album.
Akira Kosemura released this solo album at the age of 22, and among his several solo album releases this is known as a masterpiece among his fans. Based on the theme “My own tiny musical”, he collected various sounds as material, such as environmental sounds from own field work, the acoustic instruments including piano, and some synthesizer sounds. Then he played around with those sounds to create a miniature garden-like electronica sound. The album was sold exceptionally as an instrumental album, and it became a major career as an artist.
“Light Dance” and his other piano works heard in various parts in the album, brings the feeling that he will be a famous piano composer. Also, it is a symbolic album from earlier works of SCHOLE label, when it first launched as “new style of music for daily life”, and it brought a major impact to later releases from the label until now.


*Digital re-mastered issue
*Official score of “Light Dance” included
*Liner notes by Takeshi Yoshimura


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