Akira Kosemura虹の彼方 – seven colors variations
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Akira Kosemura<br>虹の彼方 – seven colors variations


Compact Disc (CD)

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“Niji no Kanata – seven colors variations” is the first single from Akira Kosemura’s new album.
In this release, Akira Kosemura focused on “a song” and took part in writing the lyrics, compose, arrangement, and produce by his own to create a Japanese song. The mid tempo number features the vocalist lasah who sings with sweetness.
The evanescence of the end of a season. A fragile and faint love responds to each other. A memory and feelings of that day, which has been left abandoned in the corner of one’s heart.
Akira Kosemura’s “Pure Music” is filled with sense of translucence to awaken the forgotten scenery, scent, and emotions.
In addition to the original version, the album includes the various remix versions by I Am Robot And Proud, Metome, Toshiyuki Yasuda, Madegg, Lawrence English, and [.que].
The artwork by Yoshimi Saeki, an illustrator who designed the bookbinding for the related works of a Naoki Prize-winning author Mizuki Tsujimura. It is her first time to work on the artwork for music albums, and it will be the precious new artwork.

1. 虹の彼方 feat. lasah
2. I Am Robot And Proud Remix
3. Metome Remix
4. Toshiyuki Yasuda Remix
5. Madegg Remix
6. Lawrence English Remix
7. [.que] Remix


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虹の彼方 – seven colors variations”

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