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Quentin Sirjacq
far islands and near places


The exploration from the shared senses received from faraway land “Japan”, made it possible to create a new music interpretation.

A noble, beautiful masterpiece is crafted from the combination of classical music techniques and modern technologies, with the sensitive piano touch and rhythmical percussion.

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Quentin Sirjacq, a French pianist-composer, releases his third original album.

By comparing with the piano-focused previous album “Piano Memories”, more rhythms can be heard through this entire album, by adding more polyrhythm patterns into music using percussions such as marimba, vibraphone, and glockenspiel.

The tone color is selected from piano, fender rhodes, or synthesizer according to composition style, and also jazz and classical music composition style is combined into electronic music with a mixture of various rhythm and genres, which will bring a new interpretation to the music.

Hoping to release an album from a faraway land Japan, then he began to explore for chances how the music can be accepted in the different culture. The music was written with his new sense by sharing the story, surrounding, and reality experienced in Japan.

Quentin Sirjacq continues searching for what “music” should be, and all the possibilities are contained with disorder in this piece of album.

far islands
round dance
cold lands
it’s raining in my house
a dream in a dream


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far islands and near places”

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