Motohiro Nakashima – We Hum On The Way Home
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Motohiro Nakashima – We Hum On The Way Home


Compact Disc (CD)

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01, Through The Window

02, Family

03, Tragedy Of Our Field

04, A Few Minutes Before The Dawn

05, The Southern Cross

06, Tow Horses

07, Song Before You Came

08, Duck Pond Evening

09, Mom Piano

10, A Cat See The World Spinning Round

11, Homeward Bound

After the release of his 1st album “And I Went to Sleep” from British Lo Recordings, and “I Dreamt Constellations Song” from its affiliated label LoAF in 2006, finally the awaited new album is about to release from schole. While the tunes of guitar and piano take a leading part, there are instruments such as violin, cello, clarinet, trombone, and percussion for creating beautiful ensemble. As you all may see in its title, “family” is the theme of this album. Putting a warm loving feeling towards to his family, Motohiro Nakashima expresses and makes every listeners recall their scenes or memoir with this piece of work.


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