Tim Linghaus – We Were Young When You Left Home
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Tim Linghaus – We Were Young When You Left Home


Limited Edition Vinyl

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On March 2018, Tim Linghaus has released his first album “Memory Sketches” from Schole Records, which he expressed his childhood memories with some heartwarming noise and piano sound.

Then this will be his second album. This new album titled “We Were Young When You Left Home”, the music expresses about the childhood emotions whom went through an experience of parental divorce.

This brilliant sound structured with piano-dominated compositions with noise sound to express the texture which gives more depth into music, then overlays with synthesizers and a gentle voice as it if telling a story.


Artwork beautifully represents the world view of this album is done by Alexander Hanke, the nostalgic printing production by Shin Kikuchi from Schole Label, from this collaboration work has produced a wonderful package design as previous album. Product release format will be on vinyl record only, and hope the listeners will enjoy the record design as well.

01 Ascending Demons
02 Dads/Ghosts
03 Bury My Love
04 K’s Daydream Sequence, Pt. Ⅰ (Running Home From School)
05 Monsters
06 Dark Boroughs
07 Hearse Park
08 Missing Every Particle Of You
09 K In Suburbia
10 Audrey’s Funeral/Wooden House Up In The Mountains
11 Give Me A Hug
12 Hurricane Me
13 Sunbeams Caressing Flowers
14 Goodbye, Mr. Huppenduhler (Every Perfect Day At Home Was A Bughouse)
15 Audrey In Outer Space With Superpowers
16 Flashlight Signals Into An Open Field


So much of our identity originates from the things we encounter in our childhood. As such, our character, our interpretation and our self-perception undeniably depend on decisions our parents made when we were young. Trying to understand where particular behaviour comes from by looking at our past is a vital part of understanding who we are and of making peace with this person we meet at the end of the day.

In order to look at it from a particular angle, the central figure of the album is a boy called “K”. This character is the magnifying glass that zooms from the general into the particular. Being introduced to his family, his questions and his approach to an explanation of the nature of his parents’ relationship, the listener is invited to follow and take a look in the mirror.

In a nutshell, “We Were Young When You Left Home” is about kids and their struggle with divorce, separation, loss and finding a place in this world. I believe we cannot help it. We are bound to cope with the repercussions of our parents’ decisions forever.


-Tim Linghaus



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