Akira Kosemura – how my heart sings
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Akira Kosemura – how my heart sings


Compact Disc (CD)

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01. fleur

02. gray (w.violin)

03. larmes

04. mirage (w.saxophone)

05. singing birds

06. noel

07. nocturne

08. pluie froide (w.saxophone)

09. fragile

10. lete

11. light dance (w.violin)

12. my safe place

Akira Kosemura, he has been dealing with his own sound in many different styles after his debut, including his four solo album releases, collaborating with various musicians, musical composing for TV and WEB, and sound design for fashion brand etc. This album “how my heart sings” is a document of music gathered like singing a song with his most favorite instrument “piano”, between from spring to autumn last year.

In the evening of the early autumn, while crickets singing outside, this was recorded at Okurayama Kinenkan. The recordings include the music, which were composed and arranged for the last year’s piano concert tour, and the tunes with the guest musicians, Shin Araki (saxophone) and Mika Shirasawa (violin). Some compositions written at his own studio after the tour, are also included.

Above all, this album is a collection of the private music by one artist, akira kosemura, which were composed with a piano to create the melodies which reflects and fades away in his own heart. Then sometimes appears the harmony between two musicians as they cuddle up their heart.

The season changes from a sprouting spring to a serene autumn,
as the music sings.


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